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DSC Family - with USB and LAN


    There are numerous models for the different applications. All model names start
    with DSC, followed by the number of inputs and channels, separated by a dot, and
    finally the range of functions, eg:

    The DSC4.4ProX has 4 inputs and 4 channels
    and a wide delay range.

    The STD and ProX models can also be extended by a separate LAN module. The welcome
    text in the LCD display and the RC1 then show an -L in the product name.


  • Powerful and Precision 32-Bit Floating-Point Process Arithmetic
  • Audio-In/Out by On-Board 24-Bit Stereo ADC & DAC @ 48K Sample-Rate
  • 4-Wire Serial-Data to 8-Bit SR Interface for Standard Character LCDs
  • Clock-Sync & Power-Up Trigger Outputs for External Circuits Control
  • During Operation 100% Click-Noise-Free Parameter-Adjustments
  • 20 User - Presets Storage Possibility by On-Board NV-Memory
  • Indepentent LED-Outputs for Audio-Signal Clip, Limiter & Mute
  • Different Applications Selectable by On- or Off-Board Jumpers
  • Full Parametric EQs, Notch, Shelving, AllPass, VariQ Filters
  • Independent Delays for Driver & Run Time Compensation
  • Firmware Update Possibility via USB/ LAN by PC Software
  • Windows PC Based Full Remote Control by USB or LAN
  • Separated "Audio-Signal-Free" Volume-Control Inputs
  • Various Link-Functions for Parameter Parallel-Settings
  • RMS Limiter with variable Low Cut Filter per Channel
  • Each Channel with Full variable Xover HPF & LPF
  • Password Protection against Unauthorized Access
  • Special Adaptions and Extensions on Request

Versatile Parameter Control Methods

  • Potentiometers for Volume Control by DCV
  • Momentary Push Switches
  • Rotary Quadrature Encoder
  • 10/100 Ethernet Interface (LAN, external)
  • USB-Interface (HID)

Function & Parameter Indication Methods

  • Character LCD 2x16, 4x16, 4x20
  • Character OLED 4x16, 4x20
  • Up to 4x 7 Segment LED for Delay and/or Preset for DSC Models with Single Input
  • Windows PC, LAN / USB


  • Dual/Quad-Channel Power Amplifiers
  • Dual/Quad-Channel Full-Range Active Speaker Cabinets
  • Single-Channel Active Speaker Cabinets
  • Stand Alone Sound Controller

110dB Dynamic Range

116dB Dynamic Range

122dB Dynamic Range

    DSC EX Series (LAN optional)

    • DSC202EX

Audio Module 32-Bit DSP Gear (4 In/Out as example)

Module Dimensions (mm)