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Single FX Module

Mono Input / Stereo Output
Max Delay Time: 1 sec

Data Sheet
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  • Powerful and Precision 32-Bit DSP with Floating-Point Process Arithmetic
  • Fitted with 33 Precisely Modeled Standart- and Combined-Effect Types
  • Various Preset Selection Methods with Immediate Auto-Store Function
  • Audio-Input and Audio-Output by On-Board 24-Bit Stereo ADC & DAC
  • 75dB Wide Range Audio-Input Level Meter with Peak & Hold Function
  • 4-Wire Serial-Data to 8-Bit SR Interface for Standard Character LCDs
  • Effect-Sound Mute Input for Momentary- or Push/Push-Switch Types
  • Clock-Sync & Power-Up Trigger Outputs for External Circuit Control
  • 4 Different Operating Applications Selectable by On-Board Jumper
  • 2 Audio-Signal Free Control Inputs for FX-Volume & Parameter
  • 2 Different LC-Display Sizes Selectable by On-Board Jumper
  • Click-Free Automatic Audio-Mute Function at Preset Change
  • Excellent Signal to Noise Distance @ +15 dBu Headroom
  • Firmware Update Possibility via USB & PC Software
  • Audio-Signal Overload Indicator Output (Clip-LED)
  • Special Adaptions and Extensions on Request

Effect Program & Parameter Selection Methods

  • Rotary Quadrature Encoder
  • Momentary- and Push/Push-Switches
  • Potentiometer-Control for FX-Volume
  • Potentiometer-Control for Parameters (Pedal)

Effect Name & Parameter Indication Methods

  • Character LC-Display 2x8, 2x16


  • Guitar- / Keyboard-Amplifiers / Combos
  • Mixing- and Powered Mixing- Consoles
  • Mixing Consoles Single Input Insertion
  • Karaoke Equipment
  • Stand Alone Stereo Effect Units

Factory Default Effect-Sound Preset Listing

Application Overview

Module Dimensions